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Why and How to Migrate Odoo from Older to a Newer version

Odoo is continually expanding with new features to help any firm enhance efficiency in a variety of ways. As a result, the ‘Odoo Upgrade’ service is one of Odoolicious’ most appealing offerings. Odoo has many versions to date, the latest being Odoo 14. Now the question is if you are using Odoo for your company, operating on an older version whether you should upgrade or not?

Well, Odoo’s updates are optional, and switching to a higher version is entirely the user choice. If you feel that the old version is serving your needs, you can operate on the current version. So if the tasks run smoothly with an older version of Odoo, why is there a need for Odoo to release the newer versions, and why should people migrate to it? The most recent versions of Odoo undeniably contain enhanced features such as security, speed, and stability. Migration to the most recent version means you’re ready to upgrade your system and move forward. Moving forward does not imply that you discard old information and replace it with new information. While transferring to a new system, migration ensures that all previous data is preserved. These updates will add in various operational features as well as advanced functional tools of operation.

Odoo migration is critical for businesses since it can introduce new functionality and customizable options that will help companies manage their operations more effectively. 

Why Should you migrate to the newer version?

– New features, modules, and functionalities

Every new edition of the platform will add new features and options to help you manage the various functional areas of your business using Odoo. In addition, further modules will be implemented, unlocking additional business management tools.

– More advanced and faster

Every new version of Odoo published is faster and more advanced than the previous edition in every way, whether it’s the platform’s front end or the software’s back end. Odoo 14 is faster in operation than its earlier version, Odoo 13.

– The Odoo platform’s bug fixing has improved

The Odoo community supports the bug-fixing part of the program. Now that Odoo 14 has launched, bug repair and other Odoo platform support procedures are only available for the latest three versions: V12, V13, and V14. Furthermore, if you are using Odoo V11, getting support from the Odoo community would be tough.

These are the prime reasons to migrate your older Odoo version to a newer version of the platform. The Odoo migration can be done at any point throughout the company’s operations, but it is advised that it be done every three years. It is because the Odoo parameters will only support the most recent three versions of the platform, so it’s best to migrate before their support for your Odoo platform version ends.

Once you feel and decide to migrate to the newer version of Odoo, the question is how to upgrade and what are factors to be kept in mind before migration. If you don’t have the proper expertise and technical understanding, migrating to a newer version of Odoo will be difficult. 

Things to consider before Odoo migration service:


Odoo upgrade gives more in terms of functionality and performance. It has extra features that can help new firms succeed. The new features help to guarantee that business operations run as smoothly as possible. However, you must make sure to understand the purposes and needs of your business before you avail of the updated version. 

Feature Changes

Odoo has revoked some of the previous functionality in the current version while adding new ones. As a result, it would be helpful if you know which functionality will be lost with the latest upgrade. This is where Odoolicious, an Odoo ERP implementation partner, can assist you. Our Odoo specialists can assist you in migrating to the most recent version of Odoo without losing important company data.


In the meanwhile, an update would have an impact on your business operations. If you want to migrate, you must be prepared to deal with the downtime. The pilot version can be used to test the platform while it is being updated in the background. In a live environment, however, this is not possible. You can speak with an Odoolicious migration expert about this in detail.


The cost of the migration procedure varies depending on your specific business needs. It’s critical to understand why you need the latest upgrade and whether the cost is a good investment for your firm.  Hire Odoo Experts from Odoolicious they can provide you with an estimate of the Odoo migration costs for your company.

Because we have extensive experience in the industry, we at Odoolicious are capable of performing successful migration procedures. With more than five years of expertise, Odoolicious has established itself as one of the most renowned Odoo platform partners. Furthermore, we have a large customer base that can attest to our previous accomplishments.

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