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The advantage of Odoo is that it is open-source and contains various modules to manage all types of businesses. It is not just limited to managing the internal operations of your company, it integrates with tons of third-party software to give you a full suite of business apps and help you manage everything from sales and CRM to human resources and finances from a single system! At Reliution, we offer round Odoo integration services by integrating third-party software using API library and web services. Odoo Integration helps you to manage a fully automated system!

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Odoo Commerce Integration

Running an e-commerce shop is not a simple task, and it consists of lots of small parts. You can turn to Odoo Integration, where you can manage orders, inventory, customers, shipping, and payment information all from one place for smooth end-to-end transactions. With automation from Odoo integration, you’ll be able to synchronization your product movement with customers. Odoo e-commerce integration reduces manual errors and gives top-most transparency to the customers! We provide Odoo e-commerce integration services with Amazon, e-bay, Woocommerce, Cdiscount, Shopify, Magento, and many more.

Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

The main advantage of various payment methods is that it provides ease with which customers can pay their invoices in their currency. At Reliution, we help you in integrating payment gateways with e-commerce websites or point of sale software. The payment integration using Odoo is secure that customers can pay reliably and worry-free! We provide payment integration services in Paypal, Peach Payment, Redsys, Payment Sagepay, Stripe, Paytm, Paykun, etc.

Odoo SMS Gateway Integration

Odoo SMS gateway integration is a great way to integrate communications at the core of your business workflows. We offer quick, free & flexible API Integration. We offer SMS Gateway Integrations like Twilio SMS,  Clicksend SMS, Mobily SMS, Way2SMS.

Odoo Social Media Integration

Odoo social media integration helps you find people interested in your products and converts them into prospected leads turning them into your customers. It automatically loads follower’s data into your address book, giving you an insight into conversion rates! Odoo’s social media integration also helps you promote your business and gives you notable data points to optimize your social media campaigns and strategy, such as the number of followers, number of views, and overall engagement statistics.  We integrate social media sites such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, and Pinterest.

Odoo Google Apps Integration

Google has a set of applications that helps you collect and manage your data in different forms. At Reliution, we help you integrate your data with Google apps like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets. Integrating Google Forms with Odoo is a great way to keep all your important documents organized and easily accessible. We also integrate Google Maps wherever required.

Odoo Biometric Integration

All companies have a biometric system to fulfill their HR functions like time stamping, noting in and out time, and tracking daily attendances and holidays. We help you integrate your biometric app into Odoo for error-free tracking and transparency!

Odoo Logistics Integration

Odoo logistics integration helps you notify the delivery request of new orders to your logistics partners and lets customers track their shipments. You can manage everything from procurement to storage using Odoo logistics integration. We provide logistics integration with FedEx, DHL, Blue dart, Shiprocket, Easypost, USPS, etc.

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Yes, Odoo integration is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing software systems, ensuring smooth data flow and interoperability.

The timeline for Odoo integration depends on the complexity of your business processes and the scope of integration. Our experts work efficiently to minimize downtime and ensure a timely integration process.

Odoo integration offers numerous benefits, including streamlined workflows, centralized data management, enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making with real-time insights, and scalability to support business growth.

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