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Overview ofhealth care industry

Digitalization in the health care domain is most important to improve the accessibility to the health forms and personal medical information, which in turn will improve the care provided and overall patient experience. This is just one solution, trust me, Odoo can and has done much more in this domain.  Odoo’s healthcare management system is a customized healthcare application designed to meet the day-to-day business needs of the hospital. It is designed to cater to all needs of a hospital from keeping track of inpatients, outpatients, managing doctor appointments, billings including all the aspects of hospital operation. Additionally, it supports tracking every medical activity that comprises- registration, patient activity, staff management, scheduling, pharmacy management, laboratory & inventory management, billing/accounting, documentation, analysis, and much more.

Benefits ofOdoo In This Industry

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Quick Implementation

Odoo can be implemented quickly as it has modules to support all functions.

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All Functionalities Covered

End-to-end operations are accomplished in Odoo.

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Quality Check

Ensures quality of the products and notifies the expiry date of the perishable goods. 

Cost Efficient

Odoo is very reasonable in its prices compared to other ERP software.

Managing Error-Free Appointments

Waiting for doctors in a queue is now past as Odoo enables patients/receptionists to book appointments through an appointment booking facility. The ODOO ERP with tailored features helps the patient to pay the consultation charge. So the patient can meet the doctor at the given time itself. Its features are:

Creating Appointments for the patient;

Maintaining appointment status;

Allowing patients to pay consultation charge;

Adding medicines given to the patient;

Adding doctor's details regarding patient's problem once the visit is over;

Adding discharge plans

Patient Details Management

Keeping your customer’s information is necessary, but in healthcare, it is a must. EHR contains detailed information about patients. Typically, Odoo’s patient registration records patients’ data, medical history, medical prescriptions, laboratory reports, allergies. It can be shared among doctors and physicians, enabling them to provide inter-departmental hassle-free, smooth treatments. 

Laboratory Management

Odoo laboratory management module will have the number of services offered by the laboratory along with the charge for each service. So when a new patient is tested, it can be recorded in the system. The customized version of Odoo can also help hospital staff to identify the test required for different symptoms. Once the test is over, the report is transmitted quickly to the doctor and the account section of the hospital for further procedures.

Create Lab test Requests

Create Draft Lab test results in the lab test templates provided

 Enter the Lab test results 

Infant Details Management

Odoo’s healthcare management system also allows you to manage information about newborns. It helps you record basic information of every child like name, mother’s name, newborn’s weight, family history, DOB, gender, length, etc. The APGAR score of the newborn and neonatal signs and symptoms also gets updated in the ODOO ERP. So even if someone wants to know their medical history after several years,  they can easily obtain it from the hospital they were born!


ODOO provides a facility for generating invoices for appointments, prescriptions, lab tests. It makes an automatic entry in balance sheets once an invoice is created. Consultation charges, patient ID card charges, and surgery invoices are also generated with the Odoo healthcare system. The systematic invoice generation also helps in the clearance of insurance payments. 

Challenges with the ERP System

Without an ERP system, healthcare providers often grapple with fragmented data, manual record-keeping, and increased administrative workload, which can lead to errors, delayed patient care, and compliance risks. Even when utilizing Odoo, a versatile ERP solution, some limitations in the default offerings can hinder healthcare organizations. These limitations might include the need for specialized modules to manage medical equipment maintenance, patient data privacy, and seamless integration with telemedicine services. Overcoming these challenges and leveraging ERP capabilities tailored to the healthcare sector is crucial for achieving operational excellence and ensuring high-quality patient care

Reliution’sCustom Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Medical Equipment Maintenance and Compliance Management

In the healthcare industry, proper maintenance and compliance with regulatory standards for medical equipment are critical. Odoo, while robust, might not have the specialized tools needed for managing this aspect. Reliution can develop a comprehensive Medical Equipment Maintenance and Compliance Management module. This solution would enable healthcare facilities to track the maintenance schedules of medical devices, ensure compliance with regulations (e.g., FDA, ISO), and automatically generate maintenance tasks and documentation. It would provide a holistic view of equipment status, reducing downtime, improving patient safety, and simplifying audits

Patient Data Privacy and Consent Management

Healthcare organizations deal with sensitive patient data subject to strict privacy regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. Odoo's default data management capabilities may fall short in meeting these requirements. Reliution can create a Patient Data Privacy and Consent Management module that goes beyond basic data protection. This solution would include advanced consent management features, audit trails for data access, and secure encryption methods. It would provide healthcare providers with a reliable way to ensure patient data privacy, gain patient consent transparently, and demonstrate compliance during audits.

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Integration

Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring have become increasingly vital in healthcare, especially considering recent global events. While Odoo has communication and scheduling features, a specialized Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Integration module by Reliution can elevate healthcare providers' capabilities. This solution would integrate seamlessly with telehealth platforms and medical monitoring devices. It would enable appointment scheduling, secure video consultations, and real-time monitoring of patients' vital signs. By facilitating remote care, this module would enhance patient access, reduce healthcare costs, and improve overall healthcare delivery.

Why Choose Reliution?

Healthcare Expertise

Choose Reliution for unparalleled healthcare industry knowledge combined with ERP mastery, ensuring tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

HIPAA-Compliant Customization

Rely on Reliution for specialized HIPAA-compliant solutions, safeguarding patient data and ensuring regulatory compliance in the healthcare sector.

Seamless Telemedicine Integration

Opt for Reliution's expertise in integrating Odoo with telemedicine, facilitating remote patient care and enhancing accessibility in modern healthcare delivery.

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