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Old-fashioned manual processes of deploying software have become passe. Nowadays, the most attractive set of software lifecycle practices is DevOps. DevOps methodology is based on the agile model of development. The collaboration of Dev and Ops brings business, development, and operations managers together to the new pace of business. DevOps teams steer towards success technically challenging, often innovative ideas of any scale projects. Be it a start-up, e-commerce solution, or public procurement systems. At Reliution, we engage in continuous development, delivery, and integration of new functionalities within Odoo. We have an expert team of developers who keep on enhancing functionalities according to trends and needs!

Continuous Delivery and Integration

Using tools such as Jenkins, Travis, and Buildbot, we help you in continuous Delivery and Integration. Your business benefits from the fast process of software development, time to time delivery, data-driven management, and efficient work of developers.

Deployment Automation

Automation is the need of our time. It saves precious time for developers and also requires a minimal human intervention which results in reducing the chances of system failure. For automation, we use Ansible, Docker, and  Terraform which are open-source tools that takes care of application deployment, configuration management, task execution, and multi-node orchestration.

Configuration & Optimization

Using Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure we may set up server environments whether it is on-site or cloud-based. We may also customize servers and design them for efficient load balancing, setting the basis for automated deployment. Amazon Web Services is a single name for cloud solutions delivered in a scalable, secure, and reliable way. AWS availability zones across multiple geographic regions maintain services that are affordable for businesses with the most congested traffic, almost instantly.

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High coding standards

Experience in all versions of Odoo

Implementation experts across many industries

High quality deliverables

Enhanced and developed many Odoo apps

Young and innovative team of Odoo enthusiasts

5+ years of experience

100+ satisfied customers across globe

Technical and functional expertise in all Odoo modules

Service in both enterprise and community edition

Enriched with UI/UX expert developers

Author of best Ecomm modules

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Implementing Odoo DevOps offers several advantages, including faster deployment of new features and updates, improved stability and reliability of the Odoo system, streamlined collaboration between development and operations teams, and enhanced scalability to accommodate growing business needs.

Odoo DevOps enables continuous integration and delivery by automating the build, testing, and deployment processes. This allows for frequent and reliable releases of new features and updates, reducing time-to-market and enhancing overall agility in adapting to evolving business requirements.

Odoo DevOps incorporates robust version control and code management practices. We leverage industry-standard tools like Git to track code changes, manage different versions, and enable collaborative development. This allows for easier code review, rollback capabilities, and efficient team collaboration while maintaining code integrity and ensuring a reliable development workflow.

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