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Overview ofRetail Ecommerce Industry

While more and more businesses are moving online for global identity and more sales, Odoo ERP provides easily customizable modules for that also! Odoo e-commerce helps you build your store online, where you can upload all your products, list prices, and start selling. 

The E-commerce industry is not just limited to listing products and selling them. It has thousands of other inter-related operations required to run a successful online store. From storage of products to delivery to a customer, Odoo ERP provides fully integrated modules making it an all-inclusive suite of the applications. It enables a real-time record of stocks, sales, purchases, payments, etc. Odoo e-commerce integrations also come along with multi-payment and third-party Shipping services like FedEx, UPS, DHL. Odoo E-commerce themes are multi-purpose and responsive to grow e-business of any kind. The theme design is clean, simple and offers modern looks using the mega menu, product sliders, grid view layout, F&Qs, and much more.

Benefits ofOdoo In This Industry

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Quick Implementation

Odoo can be implemented quickly as it has modules to support all functions.

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All Functionalities Covered

End-to-end operations are accomplished in Odoo.

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Quality Check

Ensures quality of the products and notifies the expiry date of the perishable goods. 

Cost Efficient

Odoo is very reasonable in its prices compared to other ERP software.


Odoo E-Commerce is fully integrated with the Inventory app for product stock management. Here are some of the features of it:

Stock Management

Price list

Online payment

Payment follow-up

Automatic re-ordering

Asset Management



When the customer places an order on an e-commerce website, a new quotation is generated. It keeps customer data organized with order tracking and claims, allowing customers to download invoices and delivery orders.

Sales Quotation

Sales Order



Coupons & Promotions

Shipping cost

Odoo ECommerceExternal Integrations


Odoo allows various modes of payment giving customers ease to make payments with their own convenience. It allows to pay with Paypal, Ingenico, Adyen, Buckaroo, Paytm, PayUmoney, Stripe, SIPS Wordline and any other desired payment interface.


Speed up your order fulfillment with easy integrations for major shipping carriers and track your packages directly from Odoo. It allows shipping integration with UPS, DHL, FedEx, Bluedart, and many more!

Operational Challenges Without an ERP System

With the rise of ecommerce industry, retailers are facing the challenge of managing vast product catalogs, handling complex supply chains, and staying ahead of fierce competition in the digital marketplace. Without an ERP system, ecommerce businesses often struggle with manual processes, inventory management complexities, and difficulties in tracking sales and customer data efficiently. Siloed information can lead to data discrepancies and hinder decision-making.

Reliution’sCustom Solution

Advanced Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment System

While Odoo provides solid inventory management features, we recognize that the retail industry often demands more sophisticated solutions. Reliution's Advanced Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment System takes your inventory management to the next level. By integrating demand forecasting algorithms, we help you predict stock needs accurately. Our system considers historical sales data, seasonal trends, promotions, and external factors like holidays. As a result, you get optimized replenishment suggestions and automated purchase order creation that maintain ideal stock levels while reducing overstocks and stockouts.

Personalized Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program

In the world of retail, customer loyalty is paramount. Odoo's CRM and loyalty modules are a great foundation, but Reliution takes it further. Our Personalized Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program is designed to engage and delight your customers. We develop a robust customer segmentation engine that analyzes purchasing behavior, preferences, and browsing patterns. This segmentation informs targeted rewards, discounts, and recommendations, ensuring a personalized shopping experience. By seamlessly integrating with point-of-sale systems, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps, our solution enhances customer engagement and retention.

Integrated E-commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Solution

The convergence of online and offline retail is a growing trend, and Reliution is at the forefront. While Odoo offers separate e-commerce and point-of-sale modules, our Integrated E-commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Solution bridges the gap between these channels. We craft a unified inventory and order management system that synchronizes real-time data between your online store and physical outlets. You can enjoy features such as "buy online, pick up in-store," and accurate stock availability information prevents any disappointments. Seamlessly blending the online and offline retail experiences, this solution offers convenience and consistency for your customers.

Why Choose Reliution?

Ecommerce Expertise

With years of experience serving retail ecommerce clients, we possess a deep understanding of the industry's unique requirements and challenges.

Customization for Your Business

We tailor Odoo to match your specific retail workflows, ensuring a seamless fit and maximizing the platform's potential.

Dedicated Support

Our team provides ongoing support and guidance, assisting you at every stage of your Odoo journey.

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