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Odoo for Manufacturing

Overview ofManufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a dynamic and pivotal sector that drives economic growth worldwide. It encompasses a vast array of businesses involved in the production of goods, ranging from automobiles and electronics to food and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers face a multitude of challenges, including the need for efficient production processes, compliance with industry-specific regulations, and the demand for customized, high-quality products. As an Odoo service provider, Reliuton recognizes the complexities of the manufacturing landscape. We understand that one size does not fit all, and that’s why we offer tailored, industry-specific solutions designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by manufacturing businesses.

Operational Challenges Without an ERP System

Reliution’sCustom Solution

Advanced Work Order and Shop Floor Management

Reliuton can develop a custom module that enhances Odoo's work order management capabilities. This solution can include advanced scheduling algorithms, real-time monitoring of machine and labor utilization, and integration with IoT sensors for automatic data collection. It can also provide alerts and notifications for issues on the shop floor, helping manufacturers optimize production efficiency and reduce downtime.

Regulatory Compliance and Traceability

Reliuton can design a custom module that ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations. This module can enable advanced serialization and lot tracking, automated record-keeping for audit purposes, and comprehensive reporting for compliance documentation. It can also integrate with quality control processes to maintain product integrity and safety while meeting regulatory requirements.

Complex Product Configuration and Quoting

Reliuton can create a custom product configuration and quoting tool within Odoo that allows for the dynamic assembly of complex products. This tool can incorporate rules and constraints to guide users through the configuration process, ensuring that the resulting quote is accurate and feasible. Additionally, it can generate detailed BOMs (Bill of Materials) and production orders based on the configured product, streamlining the manufacturing process.

Why Choose Reliution?

Deep Industry Expertise

This industry knowledge allows us to develop custom solutions that align perfectly with your manufacturing processes and needs.

Customization Prowess

Our customization capabilities enable us to design workflows, features, and modules that address your specific challenges and provide a competitive edge

Results-Driven Approach

Our solutions are designed with a focus on achieving measurable outcomes. We work closely with your team to set clear objectives and KPIs to track progress.

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