Odoo for Pharmaceutical Industry

Overview ofPharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry stands at the intersection of science, innovation, and healthcare, dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of medications and medical products. Renowned for its role in enhancing global health, this sector encompasses a wide spectrum of activities, from drug discovery and clinical trials to regulatory compliance and commercialization.

Why Odoo for Pharmaceutical Sales and Distribution

Managing pharmaceutical sales and distribution without an ERP system presents multifaceted challenges in an industry governed by stringent regulations and intricate supply chains. Without a proper system, companies often encounter hurdles in maintaining batch traceability, handling compliance intricacies, and managing intricate inventory levels susceptible to expiry. The absence of a centralized system can lead to data silos, hindering seamless communication between departments. Odoo’s ERP, coupled with our tailored solutions, offers a comprehensive framework to address these hurdles. Its integrated modules simplify operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, batch tracking, and centralized inventory management

Reliution’sCustomer Odoo Solutions for Pharma Industry

Batch and Expiry Tracking System

Reliution recognized the need for a sophisticated Batch and Expiry Tracking System tailored specifically for pharmaceutical sales within Odoo. This solution addresses the complexities of managing batch numbers, expiry dates, and product recalls, ensuring compliance and minimizing wastage.

Key features of this solution include

Batch Traceability: A specialized system that enables pharmaceutical companies to trace products through the entire supply chain, from procurement to sales, ensuring complete visibility and control over batches.
Expiry Alerts and Management: Automated alerts for upcoming product expirations, facilitating proactive management to prevent stockpiling of expired inventory.
Recall Management: Streamlined processes for product recalls, enabling quick identification and removal of affected batches to maintain safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Pharma CRM with Medical Representative (MR) Portal

Recognizing the unique requirements of pharmaceutical sales teams, Reliution has developed a Pharma CRM integrated with a Medical Representative (MR) Portal. This solution optimizes sales operations and enhances engagement with healthcare providers.

Key functionalities include

MR Activity Tracking: A dedicated portal for medical representatives to record their interactions with healthcare professionals, detailing visits, product demonstrations, and samples distributed.
Prescription Tracking: Integration with Odoo's CRM to track prescriptions and sales interactions, providing insights into prescription trends and market demands.
Compliance-driven Sales: A CRM tailored to comply with industry-specific regulations, ensuring that sales activities adhere to legal and ethical guidelines.

Why Choose Reliution?

Deep Industry Expertise

Our extensive knowledge in pharmaceutical intricacies, navigates complex compliance landscapes effortlessly, ensuring your operations align seamlessly with stringent regulatory standards.

Tailored Odoo Implementation

We specialize in customizing Odoo specifically for the pharmaceutical sector, leveraging its versatility to tailor-fit solutions that precisely match your business requirements.

Holistic Approach

Reliution offers more than just software implementation; we provide holistic consulting and support, combining technology prowess with strategic guidance to propel your pharmaceutical endeavors toward success.

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