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Odoo ERP Implementation

Whether you are implementing ERP for the first time or switching from another platform to Odoo, Odoo implementation is a complex task and should be done by Odoo experts! reliution’s customer-centric Odoo implementation is the heart of our business. The process is being steadily improved using existing methodologies and best practices collected by delivering 150+ Odoo projects. Our Odoo Implementation phases include:

OdooERP Implementation Process

Requirement Gathering and Evaluation

We start by meticulously collecting all your business needs and then carefully analyze and evaluate them so that we can come with a perfect desired solution. Requirement gathering is an important step in ERP Implementation and we keep customer’s demand on the top priority!


Odoo has so many modules and it’s operations are complex. Once the implementation is completed we give Odoo training to end users for operating Odoo through various communication channels like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, and document form!

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Development and customization

After the planning, it's time for action! We go ahead with the development of Odoo ERP. We develop each module compatible with your company systems and customize them wherever needed. Our code is highly optimized!

Deployment and Data Migration

Once all the modules are developed, we deploy it to your system and configure as per your wish! For system to run smoothly data migration is very important and we take utmost care while transferring date from your current software or old Odoo versions to the new Odoo ERP.

User Training

Odoo has so many modules and it’s operations are complex. Once the implementation is completed we give Odoo training to end users for operating Odoo through various communication channels like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, and document form!

Support and Maintenance

We give all type of basic support to the modules we implemented successfully. In case any issue arises in future we have a separate support and maintenance team who can help you 24*7!

Why ReliutionHow We Stand Out as Your Top Odoo Consultant Choice

Requirement Gathering

Understanding how your business works, what you need from the Odoo ERP system, and the overall goals of the implementation.

Step 1

System Configuration

setting up Odoo by installing modules, defining roles, adjusting workflows, and integrating third-party apps as needed.

Step 2

Data Migration

Extracting and transfering accurate data from existing systems to relevant modules and fields in Odoo ERP.

Step 3

System Testing

Thorough testing of the configured Odoo system to ensure it functions correctly, identify and fix any issues or bugs, and verify that it meets the expectations.

Step 4

User Training

Comprehensive training on how to use the Odoo ERP system effectively by covering important features, workflows, and best practices to help users be productive with the new system.

Step 5

Go-Live and Post-Implementation Support

Assistance in transitioning to the live environment, monitor system performance, address concerns, and provide ongoing support to run Odoo ERP smoothly.

Step 6

Let's embark on a seamless journey of Odoo implementation together!

We have advanced skills and ample resources to create large-scale solutions as well as guide startups from idea to profit.

Why ReliutionWhy you should choose us as your Odoo consultant?!

High coding standards

Experience in all versions of Odoo

Implementation experts across many industries

High quality deliverables

Enhanced and developed many Odoo apps

Young and innovative team of Odoo enthusiasts

5+ years of experience

100+ satisfied customers across globe

Technical and functional expertise in all Odoo modules

Service in both enterprise and community edition

Enriched with UI/UX expert developers

Author of best Ecomm modules

FAQWe are eager to provide the answers you need

Experience + Good Team make things work like magic! We have the availability of both technical and functional consultants and 5+ years of experience in every industry domain, making Odoolicious the best Odoo implementation partner for your company. We keep your decision on top priority while implementing the project for you!

Odoo allows you to add the modules as per your requirement, so you need to pay only for those modules. With no license fees, unlike proprietary ERPs, it further lowers down the cost of Odoo implementation. If you choose cloud-hosted Odoo, the expense will be even lesser as there will be no need to add any server-related infrastructure.

Odoo saves you a lot of money, leaving them for utilizing in future customizations and other essentials. Secondly, Odoo offers the unlimited possibility of customizations in the ERP. Numerous custom feature modules help the business achieve business results with greater ease. Also, with Odoo, there is no risk of getting locked in either by the vendor or technology.

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