OdooSupply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the entire life cycle of a product from its manufacturing to selling. It consists of supervision of material information and finances as they move from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. By integrating supply chain management and open source ERP like Odoo, these operations can be managed from a single platform giving it more transparency while increasing speed, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.

When it comes to Supply Chain Management (SCM), business needs to interact with various suppliers and partners to obtain the raw materials and resources required to bring finished goods to market. Odoo plays a vital role in combating inefficiency, reducing waste, and ensuring that workers can direct their efforts. It is in your company’s best interest to ensure that you and your staff fully understand the role of Odoo within the SCM process. 

Odoo has several interconnected modules which take care of all your processes from procurement to storing, resource allocation to manufacturing, final product to logistics, and shipping.

Improved Efficiency

Improved efficiency across multiple departments of organizations

Workflow Automation

Automation of workflow for reduced overhead and operational costs

End-to-end Integrations

Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing, and Accounting fully integrated


More flexible supply chain solutions

Inventory Management

The ERP relies upon stock level, sale orders, logistic laws, and similar other areas for its functions. It can help you to have wise purchase decisions at the right time. The availability of goods can be tracked in the best accurate way. It monitors the status for perfect functioning.

Best Support For Vendors

All types of industries have a list of vendors from whom they buy some products be it raw materials or services of some sort. Odoo has vendor managing functionality in which you can easily import suppliers’ price lists and references to make smarter purchase decisions based on promotions, quantities, and special contract conditions. You can check suppliers’ stock availability and check your order status within the app.

Effective Tracking

Using Odoo SCM, you can keep track of all your activities from stock of materials to procurement requests, delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, quantities purchased, etc. The blockchain features are effectively used to ensure the real-time management of the supply chain and meet the expected level of performance in the company.

Manage Several Companies

Use a single Odoo instance to synchronize operations between different companies or warehouses. Create sales orders, share customers, suppliers, and products, and manage invoices for all companies at the same time. You can save even more time by automating the invoicing process between all the companies!

Logistics and Shipping

Logistics management in Odoo helps you manage all the shipping methods efficiently, be it by road, rail, air, or sea. With the overall visibility across the shipping, any business can monitor shipments conveniently. Furthermore, increased visibility lets you make changes in earlier stages to reduce risk and errors in the process. Thus all the part of SCM are dynamically linked in Odoo and gives real-time solutions!

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