OdooFood Distribution Industry 

Odoo is capable of managing business operations in nearly all types of industries. It is designed to handle operations of small retail stores to companies as big as the manufacturing and distribution industry. 

Food and beverage distribution energy is complex in itself and has many things to take care of. It requires a large warehouse for storing the food materials, a database to manage vendors list, customers list, shipping management, and much more. Odoo ERP software includes advanced inventory and manufacturing capabilities, such as:

Ability to track and manage inventory in multiple units of measure

Ability to track inventory movements using BoM

Ability to manage orders and invoices

Ability to manage purchase orders from the vendors & reordering rules

Ability to assure the quality of the available stock

Ability to convert stock between different units of measure

Benefits ofOdoo In This Industry

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Quick Implementation

Odoo can be implemented quickly as it has modules to support all functions.

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All Functionalities Covered

End-to-end operations are accomplished in Odoo.

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Quality Check

Ensures quality of the products and notifies the expiry date of the perishable goods. 

Cost Efficient

Odoo is very reasonable in its prices compared to other ERP software.

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