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How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Game Strong Using Odoo

Nowadays, social media is an important marketing tool in the commercial world for promoting and advertising new items. For marketing and campaigning, any type or scale of business may use social media to reach a specific audience fast and effectively. The bulk of the population today uses various social media platforms to keep up with what’s going on in the world. This is beneficial to the marketing team as social media attracts a diverse range of consumers from all around the world who may become future customers.  

Odoo prioritizes the demands of its customers by offering a specific module for various business programs. Odoo’s fantastic Social Marketing module enables an organization to communicate with their community and provide updates about their product and services by handling all social media accounts and social marketing strategies. It’s a good idea to use a CRM to keep track of them all in one place because managing them individually can be time-consuming. When you integrate the other platforms, Odoo CRM is one of the top CRMs for this purpose, and its own Social Marketing platform is used to create a superior experience. But that’s not all; let’s dig a little deeper into what makes Odoo CRM ideal for social network integrations.   

We can connect our Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter profiles to Odoo Social Marketing and handle the activities.

Odoo Social Marketing

You can find the Odoo Social Marketing App on the home dashboard of Odoo if you have installed the module into your database. 

 New product launches and offers can be published to entice customers to buy from your website. If you use this module’s functions correctly, it can significantly improve your business and sales. The social marketing module includes menus for managing feeds, posts, campaigns, and visitors, as well as customizing social marketing accounts.


When you first enter the module, you’ll be taken to your Social Marketing module’s feed. If you’ve linked this module to your social media accounts, your feed will show all of the new posts and notifications from those accounts. 

The many streams on the associated accounts are available in the feed. We can track operations and connect with the social media community on these pages.


We can create new Social Media postings using the posts pane. The planned posts and date-based posts can both be viewed using the calendar view. We can choose the platforms for displaying the message based on the accounts configured. We can include a message in the post and link the photos. We can link the post to the campaigns that are currently available in the preview.

There’s also the option of scheduling the postings for a later date or submitting them right away. As we scroll down, we can edit the post’s settings. You can send the post immediately after creating it or schedule a time for posting later. After creating a new post, click the Post button to publish the content on selected social media accounts.


Odoo will keep track of the people who have visited your website or social media account. In the Social Marketing module, the “Visitors” column presents the list of all website visitors and their interactions. This can also be utilized to generate leads and acquire new clients.

You’ll get information on the time you visited, the page you visited, the number of visitors, leads/opportunities, registrations, and so on. If the contact is in your system, you can send them an SMS or email to communicate directly with them.


Campaigns are useful for organizing product and service advertising to potential customers. In general, campaigns must be created on the platform for which they are intended to be fully customized. However, with Odoo Social Marketing, they can be initiated directly from the CRM. Important metrics like leads, sales, and revenue can be tracked side by side as the campaign progresses. It allows for the effective management of social media campaigns. We must enable mailing and SMS campaigns in the respective marketing modules to link them to the campaign.


The Social Marketing module’s configuration menu includes options for configuring Settings, Social Media, Social Accounts, and Social Streams. You can create a developer account for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in this module’s settings. Enabling the Demo Mode will provide you with demo data for this module.

Social Media

On social media, we may link the accounts to an active Odoo subscription. This will make it easier for us to track and schedule posts across various social media platforms. The push notifications will provide live notifications to website visitors.

Social Streams

We may include social sources such as Facebook mentions, keywords, page postings, and so on. 

 The social marketing module also interacts with the Sales, CRM, Invoicing, and, Website to provide us with real-time insights on our social media activities. 


Every module in Odoo is developed to improve your business efficiency in one or another way. If you want to improve your business with real-time tracking but are not aware of the modules that suit your requirements, you can hire Odoo ERP experts from Odoolicious. Our Odoo consultants know Odoo inside-out and can propose the right plan of Odoo implementation for your company.  If something doesn’t suit your current company working, Odoo can be customized as per the requirements.

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